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Want to avoid scams on WhatsApp? So note these important things today itself


Millions of users are active every day on WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app in the world. This is the reason why fraud or scammers have made WhatsApp the new destination to cheat people. WhatsApp has many safety and privacy features for its users, using which you can keep yourself safe.

A small mistake can empty your bank account, today we will talk about what are the mistakes that users commit knowingly or unknowingly due to which scammers get the opportunity to cheat.

WhatsApp Mistakes: Avoid making these mistakes

Scammers send fake messages to WhatsApp users to trap people. To lure people, they are lured with the promise of winning prize money or any price and as soon as a user falls into the trap, the real game of fraudsters begins.

The second mistake which WhatsApp users often make. Scammers send messages to people on WhatsApp offering jobs with high salaries. As soon as people see that a company is offering more money, they click on unknown links to apply. Then what is to happen, as soon as you click on an unknown link, the phone gets hacked and then the account is emptied.

Third mistake: Scammers have now started trying new tricks to cheat people by posing as policemen. First, a call comes from an unknown number on WhatsApp and then it is said that a courier has come in your name in which drugs have been found, if you want to save yourself then transfer the money.

They say that out of fear, a person takes the wrong steps, and then by the time one understands, the scammers' game is complete and they empty your account. Apart from this, people also received some calls in which scammers impersonated someone known to them and duped them with money by saying that you are stuck in an emergency.

How to avoid WhatsApp scams?

Be it a WhatsApp scam or any online scam, the only basic mantra to avoid it is that you need to be alert and act wisely.

Be sure to use WhatsApp's two-step verification, it creates an extra layer of security on your account. If someone tries to log in to your account, no one will be able to access your account.

Do not, even by mistake, pick up a call coming from an unknown link or an unknown number. If you do this, something wrong can happen to you too.

Third message, if you get a message from an unknown number that your KYC details are not complete, if you click on this link and complete the KYC details, then understand that someone is trying to rob you.

If a message has come from an unknown account that you suspect, then report that account immediately. To report, first open that chat and then click on the three dots visible on the top right side, then click on More and tap on Report.

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