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Voter ID Card- If you have lost your Voter ID card, then download it at home using these easy methods.


Friends, currently Lok Sabha elections are going on in the country, which is its fourth phase, and the country is eagerly waiting for the results. However, amidst the election excitement, it is important to address a common concern: losing Voter ID Card Amidst the exercise of our democratic right, the absence of this essential document can cause significant troubles. If you have also lost your Voter ID card, then do not worry, today through this article we will tell you some easy steps with the help of which you can get the Voter ID back sitting at home, let us know about it-

Importance of Voter ID Card: A voter ID card is an important requirement to exercise one's voting rights. Its absence can cause various problems during the electoral process.

Digital Solutions: Due to advancements in technology, obtaining a new Voter ID card has become remarkably convenient. With just a smartphone or laptop and internet access, one can quickly retrieve their Voter ID card-

Steps to download Voter ID Card:

Visit the official website of the Election Commission of India (ECI) WWW.ECI.GOV.IN.

Go to the Menu section and select “Download e-EPIC”.

Access the Services section and click on “e-EPIC Download”.

Provide the required details like registered mobile number, email, or EPIC number along with password and captcha code.

Request and verify OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

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