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Voice Cloning: You too can be a victim of this scam, one mistake will cost you dearly, identify it this way..

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Every day all kinds of scams are happening in the country. Some are being duped by posing as fake CBI and Customs officers, while others are being cheated by stealing their identity. A new scam is going on in the country, which anyone can fall prey to. The name of this scam is Voice Cloning. According to a report, it is increasing by 38 percent every year. Most of the victims of voice clone scams are your loved ones and closest ones.

Of all the scams that have happened in India in the last six months, 83 percent are voice-clone scams. People have lost crores of rupees in voice clone scams. Let us try to understand today what this voice clone scam is and how it can be identified.

What is a voice cloning scam?
AI voice cloning is increasing rapidly in India. With the help of AI, people's voices are being copied, that is, duplicate voices are being prepared and then fraud is being carried out. This has become a new weapon for thugs. These thugs copy the voice of one family member call other members and ask for money on the pretext of an emergency.

Sometimes they also ask for personal information and then empty the bank account. In a voice clone scam, the call is made in the voice of someone you know and all this work is done through AI software. You feel that someone close to you has called but the reality is something else.

Ways to identify fraud by AI voice clone
Suddenly getting a call from someone close: If you get a call from someone very close to you and that too from a new number, then you need to be very careful. Also, keep in mind the time of the call.

Emergency: By cloning the voice through AI, these thugs call on the pretext of emergency. They say in the voice of someone you know that someone close to you is in trouble or is in the hospital. In such a situation, money is needed immediately.

Style of talking: Someone's voice can be copied with AI but his way of talking and style cannot be copied. Listen to such calls carefully and decide whether it is a robotic call or a human call.

Demand for money: If someone calls you and asks for money, be cautious. Also, if someone asks for your bank account details, don't give it, even if the voice matches that of someone you know.

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