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Useful Thing: You can become a victim of hacking at any time, turn off access to camera, photo and location like this..

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In today's digital age, cyber fraud can happen to anyone. Anyone's data can be leaked. It is not that if you have an expensive phone or laptop, its data will not be leaked. Cybercriminals are waiting for your mistake.

As soon as you download any app, those apps get access to your phone's gallery, contact list, location, camera, etc. The interesting thing is that apps that do not need these accesses also get access. Things like this need to stop. In today's report, we will tell you how to remove access to any app.

Ask every time: This is a very useful feature. After selecting it, whenever you use that app, it will ask you for permission.

Don't allow: If you choose this option then no app will be able to access the camera, location, microphone, etc.

Allow while using the app: If you select this option, an app will access the camera, location, and gallery only when you are using that app. This permission is temporary.

Change permission from settings

Go to Settings of your Android phone and go to Permissions.

There select the app whose settings you want to change.

From here you can also check which app has permission for what.

If you want to change any access, you can change it by tapping on it.

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