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Useful Thing: Do these five things immediately if your mobile is stolen or lost, and you will be benefited..

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Mobile theft is not a big deal today. Anyone's phone can be snatched while walking on the road. This incident can happen to anyone. If unfortunately your phone is lost or stolen, you should immediately do some work so that the loss can be minimized. With these five steps, your lost mobile can also be recovered. Let us know...

Track the mobile
If the mobile is Android, then use the 'Find My Device' app or site. This can be done by logging in to on another device or a computer. From here you can format the phone and if it is not turned off and the internet is on, then you can also track it live.
If it is an iPhone, then use Find My iPhone to track it. You can also access it on on another iOS device or computer. With its help, you can also track a switched-off phone.

Block the SIM card
Call your mobile service provider and get the SIM card blocked immediately. The advantage of this will be that the thief will not be able to misuse your SIM card and you will not get into any new trouble.

File a report with the police
In case of such an incident, go to the nearest police station file an FIR, and block the IMEI number. You can find the IMEI number on the phone box or bill.

Log out of online accounts
Log out of all your online accounts (such as Google, social media, banking apps) and change the password. You can also do this from a computer.

Complain on the Chakshu portal
Complain on with all the necessary information. Here you will be asked for a copy of the FIR. After complaining on this portal, the chances of getting the mobile increases to a great extent.

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