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Useful Information: If you have forgotten the password to your laptop's Wi-Fi, then the solution is here..

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Usually the password of the Wi-Fi of the office or home does not change, so we do not remember the password. In such a situation, many times we forget the password of the Wi-Fi. We come to know about it when the laptop is formatted or we have to tell it to a guest. In such a situation, there is a big problem and we are unable to find out the password. By the way, even after forgetting, you can easily find out the password of the Wi-Fi. In this report, we will tell the way to find out the password of the Wi-Fi already connected to the laptop. Let us know...

First of all, connect the computer to Wi-Fi.

After connecting the net, go to the Control Panel and click on the option of Network and Sharing Center.

Now click on Change Adapter Settings.

After clicking here, right-click on the Wi-Fi network whose password you have forgotten.

On right-clicking, you will see the option of Status.

Click on it.

After this, click on the given Wireless Properties.

After this you will get the Connection and Security option, click on it.

After clicking here, you will see the option of Network Security.

Just below this, you will get the option of Show Characters, by clicking here you can know the password of your Wi-Fi.

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