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Use AC day and night, there will be no electricity bill, install this special type of AC in the house


There is severe heat across the country. People are using AC and coolers for relief, but their use has also increased the electricity bill.

That is, both heat and electricity bills are becoming a challenge for the common man. In such a situation, you can consider Solar AC, which is a better option.

With its use, your electricity bill will also be less and you will also get relief from the heat. Very few options for Solar AC are seen in the market. 

Haier is also working on Solar AC. However, the company has not yet launched its product. Nexus Solar Energy has some such options.

The company has registered the option of both window and split ACs on its website. The price of these ACs starts from Rs 34,546.

You will get information about these products on Nexus Solar Energy. The company's split AC comes with smart connectivity. That means you can use it from your phone as well.

According to the company, an AI feature has been given to it. Solar AC recognizes the user's need over time and automatically keeps the AC on the same setting.

It has an air purification system so that users get fresh air. It has a multi-layer filter, which gives better air to the users.

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