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UPI Tips: If you are worried about UPI scams, these tips will help you..

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UPI is being used in every nook and corner of the country. Anyone who has a smartphone is using UPI. As popular UPI is becoming, scams related to it are also increasing. NPCI has had to start a campaign to stop UPI scams.

Scammers call UPI users and say that there is a credit card or electricity bill due and if not paid, a police case can be filed. After this, they get an app installed on the users' phone for payment and then UPI apps transfer the money. UPI fraudsters call people posing as fake relatives and say that their phone has broken down, so they have called from another number.

Money is needed very much, so transfer money to this number quickly. Scammers claim to double the money in a very short time. These fraudsters share the link to fake websites with people through mail, WhatsApp, or social media apps. On opening these links, the sites or apps look like UPI apps but they are scams.

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