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Truecaller's new AI feature will talk to the caller in your voice, enabling smartphone like this


Caller ID company Truecaller has added a new feature to its app in collaboration with Microsoft. With the help of this feature, users will be able to use AI assistant in their voice. This feature of Truecaller is currently available for premium accounts.

Truecaller has started the AI Assistant feature in the year 2022. Many AI technologies have been used in this feature. These include features like automatic call answering, filter conversation, accepting messages, and call recording.

AI will talk to the caller in your voice

Giving information about the new AI feature, Raphael Mimoun, Product Director and General Manager of Truecaller Israel, said that our users will be able to use their voice as an AI assistant with the help of this feature. This AI assistant will receive the phone call and talk to the caller in your voice.

If you already have an assistant on your app, then with the integration of Microsoft's personal voice technology with Truecaller's AI assistant, users calling you will get to hear your voice instead of a digital assistant. This voice will be similar to yours to a great extent. The company said that they are gradually implementing this feature in different markets.

How to set up AI assistant in Personal Voice

Truecaller's AI will talk to the caller in your voice

To enable this feature, you will first have to update the latest version of the app on the phone.

Step 1. Open the Settings tab in most apps.

Step 2. Now tap on Assistant settings and go to Set Up Personal Voice.

Step 3. Now you have to follow the screen prompt visible on the screen.

Step 4. After this, you have to record your voice. You have to read the words shown on the display. After this, the AI-generated voice replication process will be completed.

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