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Train Tips- Do you know, in this easy way you can find out where your train is


The fourth largest railway network in the world is in our country, crores of people travel by train every day, and in such a situation, people have to face a common problem, waiting for the train, especially in winter when the train gets delayed due to fog, in such situations, knowing how to check the real-time status of your train can make a significant difference in your travel plans, let's know about the process with the help of which you can find out where your train is-

Various ways to check train status:

Online platform: You can easily check the live running status of any train using various dedicated websites like Google or

WhatsApp Chatbot: WhatsApp Chatbot service is a convenient option. Save the number +91-9881193322 on your phone and send a message to get updates about the status of your train.

Railway Helpline: Dial 139 to directly inquire about your train status through the railway helpline number.

Dealing with train delays:

Despite checking the train status, delays may occur.

If your train is late:

Compensation: After a delay of three hours, you are eligible to claim refreshments and a refund from the railways.

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