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Train Ticket Cancel- Do you want to cancel your train ticket, know the rules related to it.


Every day crores of people travel by train in India, which is not only comfortable but also economical, the first step to travel by train is to book the travel ticket, in such a situation, tickets are booked many days in advance to go to many places, because their demand is high, once the ticket is booked, it is not easy to cancel it, today through this article we will tell you about the rules for canceling the ticket-

Cancellation charges for different ticket types:

Waiting and RAC tickets:

If you cancel a waiting or RAC (reservation against cancellation) ticket up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train, a cancellation fee of Rs 60 is applicable.

Tatkal tickets:

Tatkal tickets, which are often booked in urgent circumstances, do not give any refund on cancellation.

Confirmed Tickets:

For confirmed tickets, cancellation is allowed up to 48 hours before the departure of the train, for which the following cancellation charges will be applicable:

AC First Class: Rs 240
AC Two Tier: Rs 200
Sleeper Class: Rs 120
Two Seater: Rs 60
AC Three Tier and AC Chair Car: Rs 180

Full refund during natural calamities:

In case of train cancellation due to floods or other natural calamities, passengers are entitled to a full refund on cancellation of their tickets within three days of the scheduled journey.

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