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Trading Scam: Trading scam makes you poor, how do fraudsters trap you? what to do to avoid..

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While the use of technology is continuously increasing in the country, some people are misusing the advanced technology. Cyber ​​thugs are coming up with new ways to victimize people. On one hand, digital transactions have brought a lot of ease to people, on the other hand, trading scams have become a new topic of discussion these days. As much as the digital system has made transactions and investments easier, cyber fraudsters are making people bankrupt by luring them into the trap of digital transactions and investments. 

What is an online trading scam?
The newest and most popular scam of the digital era has become online trading scams. Very few people know about this new scam. The fraudster misleads people by pretending to be an investment broker. After this, cyber fraudsters take people to fake websites in the name of investing and make them do fake trading. To ensure that people do not have any kind of doubt, cyber thugs make them invest in stocks bonds, etc.  

How do fraudsters trap you in trading scams?
In the digital age, if one can easily get good returns after investing, then one can easily fall into the trap of cyber fraud. In trading scams, cyber fraudsters lure people with good profits without any risk. Fraudsters encourage people to invest by luring them with their words. For this, they also take the help of social media platforms. Apart from this, the fraudster can collect money through fake taxes, fees, and any other means. Here, let us tell you that most of the trading scams are carried out through some application or message app. 

How to Avoid Trading Scams
If a broker is repeatedly talking about a particular type of investment, he may be trying to scam you. In such a situation you need to be careful. 
After investing people's money, cyber fraudsters often demand money in the form of taxes or fees. In such a situation, check thoroughly before paying any kind of fee. 
If you fall into the trap of a fraudster then you do not get the invested money back. To check this, you can ask for the amount invested. 
Keep in mind that any cyber fraudster will keep demanding money in different ways until the truth comes out. Fraudsters can also demand money through threats. 
Cyber fraudsters often remain away from your reach, in such a situation you can demand to meet them to know their real identity. 
If you have become a victim of cyber fraud then immediately complain on Cyber Cell's helpline 1930.

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