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Toll Tax: There will be no need to install Fastag on vehicles, the government is now going to bring this technology


People have to pay toll tax to drive vehicles on the highway. For this, the facility of Fastag was provided by the Central Government. People need to recharge Fastag. Now the government is preparing to bring a new technology, under which people will not need to recharge Fastag repeatedly. Fastag service was started by the Central Government in the year 2014.

Fastag has to be used on the highway to drive four-wheelers

Till now in the country, Fastag is used on the highway to drive four-wheelers. For this, a person has to recharge it. When the recharge is over, the person has to face trouble for the toll. Now the government is working on a new technology, under which there will be no need to recharge Fastag again and again.

The government is now bringing the GHS facility

Now the government is preparing to introduce the new technology Global Navigation Satellite System i.e. GHS. On using this, you will not need to put a fast tag on the vehicles. GHS will charge tolls from people according to the travel of the vehicles.

Under this, it will be ascertained through satellite how many km your vehicle has traveled. Toll will be charged to you on this basis only.

The National Highway Authority of India has sought applications from global companies to start the Global Navigation Satellite System. Now this system will be implemented in the country soon.

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