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Toll Tax Rules: After retirement, these soldiers do not have to pay toll tax, there is no need for Fastag either


The government gives exemptions in toll tax to many categories of people including some military personnel so that they can pass through the toll booth without stopping.

In India, now Fastag sticker has been made mandatory on every car and if a car or other vehicle does not have Fastag, then double the toll amount is charged as a penalty. Despite this, some individuals also try to avoid toll tax by showing their ID, but such tricks are no longer effective.

However, some individuals are still allowed free travel at toll plazas by the government, which means that they are exempted from paying toll tax. This also includes retired military personnel, but it is a common misconception that all soldiers get this exemption.

The benefit of free travel is provided only to those soldiers who have been awarded the gallantry award by the Government of India, which means that they do not have to pay the toll. At toll booths, these soldiers are also required to show ID cards if they want toll-free entry.

Some people believe that all military personnel get free travel in their cars, but in reality, soldiers have to pay tolls unless they are on duty.

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