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Toll Plaza: Now there will be no long lines for toll tax, now this change has been made


People have to pay toll tax to drive on the National Highway in the country. This is the reason why long queues are seen at the toll plaza. Toll tax is deposited manually by the operators sitting at the toll plaza.

The toll is collected from the fast tag. Despite this, many times due to technical faults, long lines are formed at the toll plaza. This happens due to the toll not being deducted from the fast tag at the toll plaza. In view of this, now there has been a change in the IT system.

The National Highway Authority of India has made changes in the IT system and hardware at the toll plazas to simplify the payment made at the toll plazas through fast tag. Under this, now the equipment of experienced companies will be used at the toll plazas. Which will make it easier to deduct toll. People will not have to face long lines.

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