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Tips and Tricks: Can you read deleted messages on WhatsApp-Instagram? Try this trick


Nowadays people have become very smart. After sending a message on WhatsApp, it gets deleted immediately. Many people do this out of anger but many people do this intentionally. Many times people get angry due to this behavior, but now a solution has been found for this too. You can read deleted messages on WhatsApp without any other app. This feature is provided on your phone itself. Let us know.

Along with technology, people have also become very smart now, many times after sending a message on WhatsApp and Instagram, they immediately delete it. If it often happens to you too that someone sends you a message and deletes it due to which you are not able to read that message, then now you have found a solution.

WhatsApp has also become very advanced, for the convenience of the users, the company has rolled out the Delete For Everyone feature. People use this feature a lot which sometimes it becomes difficult to find out and the question that keeps wandering in the mind is 'What was there in the message'?

This method will work for both WhatsApp and Instagram. If someone has deleted your message after sending it, then first open the settings of the phone. After opening the settings, you will see the notification option.

After clicking on the notification option, you have to click on the notification history option. As soon as you go to the notification history option, here you will be able to easily read deleted messages on WhatsApp and Instagram.

You can also get help of third-party apps

If you have an Android smartphone and want to read deleted WhatsApp messages, then for this you will have to take the help of third-party apps. After the message is deleted, if you install a third-party app available on Google Play Store, then you will not be able to read the deleted message, but if someone deletes the message after the app is installed, then you will be able to read that message.