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Those doing SIP should learn these 7 smart tips, you will get more returns on mutual fund investment.


The number of investors doing SIP in the country is increasing every day. If you also invest in mutual funds through SIP, then you can get higher returns on investment by keeping some things in mind. We are telling you those 7 smart tips, by following which you will not only be able to choose a better mutual fund but will also be able to get higher returns on your investment. 

Keep these things in mind while doing SIP 

Fund Performance: Before starting an SIP in any mutual fund, evaluate the historical performance of the fund. Invest only in funds that have consistently performed well over a long period. 

Expense Ratio: This is the fee charged by the mutual fund for managing the investment. Choose only funds with a low expense ratio. 

Track record of the fund manager: The experience and expertise of the fund manager significantly influence the performance of the fund. Therefore, check the track record of the fund manager. 

Diversification: Make sure the fund is properly diversified to minimize risks.

Investing in a disciplined manner: Make a habit of investing in a disciplined manner. This is necessary to achieve financial goals in the long term.

These are also useful things, please know them 

Fix financial goals: Before starting SIP, fix financial goals. Setting financial goals acts as a driving force for an investor in their journey. 

Choose the right fund: It is important to choose the right mutual fund that fits your risk appetite and financial goals. Different funds have different levels of risk. Therefore it is important to choose the right fund. 

Opt for auto-debit facility: For disciplined investing, use auto-debit mode in which the SIP amount is deducted from the bank account on the scheduled date.

Rebalance: Even after starting SIP, rebalance your portfolio from time to time. This will help in getting higher returns. 

Avoid emotional investment: In market volatility and fluctuations, investors make decisions due to emotions. Therefore avoid emotional investment. It is more beneficial to remain invested regardless of the market environment. 

Increase SIP amount: Increase SIP amount as income increases. It helps in creating a bigger fund.

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