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This work will become easier with the new feature of WhatsApp.


Meta's famous social media platform WhatsApp is constantly working on new features for its users.

In such a situation, the company has introduced a new feature for the users.

The feature of voice and video notes has been rolled out in WhatsApp.

Through the voice notes feature, users can easily send their messages to anyone in their contact list.

After the arrival of the voice notes feature, users can now send messages to their loved ones in a better way than before.

Through the video notes feature, users can easily go to any chat and send their messages through video. However, this feature is currently available for beta testers users.

The user will get a great benefit from the video notes feature. Through this feature, users will get a new experience of sending video messages. Let us tell you that this feature will benefit those users more, who communicate only through video. Also, one video can be sent multiple times.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is working on many updates to improve the privacy and security of its users. In the recent past, the company has introduced many great features.

WhatsApp banned more than 7 million accounts in April to keep the platform good. WhatsApp has more than 550 million users in India alone.

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