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These methods can save your smartphone from being hacked, the government advised


The US government has issued an advisory to protect the smartphone from being hacked. In the advisory, users have been asked to follow some things, so that online fraud, data leaks etc. can be avoided.

Smartphones have become our need. We use our phones for everything from calling to banking, gaming, payment shopping, etc. In such a situation, if your smartphone gets hacked, it can become a big problem for you. Hackers can blow away your hard-earned money. Not only this, hackers can also earn money by stealing your data. In such a situation, you have to adopt some methods, so that your smartphone does not become a target of hackers.

Follow these methods

Recently, the US government has issued security advice for all smartphone users, so that hackers can be saved. Let's know what the government has advised.

- The government has asked users to keep updating their smartphones from time to time so that the security of the phone can be strengthened.

- Apart from this, users should keep restarting their smartphones from time to time, so that the connection of hackers can be broken and your data can be saved from being stolen.

- Apart from this, the government said that you should not use any such third-party apps or any such feature, which asks for unnecessary permission from you.

- Go to the phone settings and limit the permission of every app. That is, the app should get permission to the phone's microphone, camera, etc. only when you are using it. The app should not get permission for anything in the background and your data should not be stolen.

- At the same time, the government has forbidden users to use public Wi-Fi and charging stations, unless it is very important.

- Apart from this, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should not be constantly on in the users' smartphone. When Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on, hackers can enter the device through them. When there is no scope of connectivity left for the device, it will be difficult to hack.

- Not only this, do not download any app from an unknown source in the phone. Also, do not open any link coming from an unknown source in messages and e-mails.

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