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These features of the iPhone will make your work easier, activate them today


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Switching from Android to iPhone often leads to many problems. Many people are not even aware of iPhone shortcuts. This lack of knowledge can prevent you from fully taking advantage of the unique features of the iPhone. Whether you are new to the iPhone or an experienced user, understanding these features can simplify your experience and save time.

Power Saving Mode

To extend your phone's battery life, it is recommended to charge it only up to 80%. Additionally, you can enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone to save battery. This feature can be especially useful when your iPhone's battery is low. When your battery reaches 20%, you will receive a reminder to enable this mode. To turn it on, go to your phone's Settings, click Battery, and then enable Low Power Mode. This mode will turn off automatically when your phone is fully charged.

Activate the Emergency SOS feature

The Emergency SOS feature allows you to notify your emergency contacts in case of a critical situation. It also shares your location with emergency services. In India, you can talk to emergency services by quickly pressing the side button three times.

Create your own shortcuts

While the Shortcuts app offers many built-in shortcuts, you can also create your own shortcuts. To do this, open the Shortcuts app and click on the New Shortcut option. From here, you can add the tasks you want to perform automatically.

Through shortcuts, you can automatically categorize emails. Apart from this, it also reminds you to track the title, project or complete the task. In shortcuts, you get the facility to receive notifications for all these.