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These 5 mistakes of users are responsible for most Smartphone Blasts, are you also doing the same?


  Smartphone Blast: As the summer season approaches, most of users remain worried about smartphone blasts. On some occasions, this may happen due to a glitch in the phone, but sometimes it also happens due to a glitch on the part of the users.

1. You should take special care while charging the smartphone because if you charge your phone with a duplicate charger, then doing so can cause a blast in the battery because it sometimes causes the battery to overheat and explode. In such a situation, use only the original charger.

2. If you play excessively heavy games on your mobile, then stop doing so because this also puts a lot of pressure on the battery and the smartphone gets heated badly if this is done continuously then the battery can burst. Which can prove dangerous.

3. While choosing a smartphone cover, you should take special care that whatever cover you buy should not be too thick so that the heat of the smartphone keeps coming out. If you buy a cover that is too thick and hard than required, heat can get trapped inside the phone and the battery may explode.

4. Never completely exhaust the storage of your smart phone because when you do this, the battery gets heated because there is more pressure on it. In fact, due to heavy storage, the processor works slowly and it generates heat and the battery can burst.

5. You should never keep your smartphone in a place where there is excessive heat, doing so can cause a severe explosion in the smartphone and it can prove to be dangerous for you.

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