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Tech Tips: How different is e-SIM from physical SIM, know the advantages and disadvantages of both..

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SIM is required for calling in a smartphone. Currently, there are two types of SIMs available in the market. One is physical SIM and the other is e-SIM. Smartphones get different experiences through these two SIMs. Most people in the country use physical SIMs. At the same time, very few people know about e-SIM. Let's try to know in this news what is the difference between these two SIMs.

Advantages of Physical SIM
If you have a smartphone, then you must be aware of the physical SIM. SIM means Subscriber Identity Module. It is a small card, which contains a lot of data and information like mobile subscriber identity.

Physical SIM can be used easily. It is also easy to install this SIM on the device.

This SIM is easily set in every type of device.

Physical SIM can be easily removed and can be kept safely at any place.

Disadvantages of Physical SIM
Physical SIM can be damaged and stolen.
Using a physical SIM occupies space in the device and the design of the device becomes limited.

Benefits of e-SIM
E-SIM is in digital form. This SIM is directly installed in the hardware. Let's know its details further.

If you have an e-SIM, the plan can be changed easily. In such a situation, there is no need for a new SIM.

E-SIM saves space in the device. Also, due to this, you can get the benefit of other features in the device.

If you have an e-SIM, it can be easily activated and deactivated. Also, you can shift to any plan at any time.

Disadvantages of e-SIM
You must know that at present the reach of e-SIM is limited. It is not supported on every device.

If the phone is stolen, the plan of the SIM can be easily changed. In such a situation, security is a big problem.

E-SIM completely depends on the Internet, so a good amount of internet is required to run it properly.

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