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Tech Tips: You can watch YouTube videos even without internet, this is the trick..

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Today every mobile user is using Youtube. The YouTube app comes pre-installed on Android phones, but iPhone users install it and use it. Many times we are at a place where there is no internet connectivity. At such a place we face problems in watching videos on YouTube. For this, there is a trick with the help of which you can use Youtube even without the internet. Let us know...

Offline mode will help
To watch videos without the internet, you can use the offline mode of YouTube. After connecting to the internet, you can download the videos of your choice offline and later watch them without the internet.

To watch the video in offline mode, first save the YouTube video. Now after the video is played, the download option will appear at the bottom. You have to click on this option. After this, you will be given the option of the video quality in which you want to save the YouTube video.

In these, you will see options of Low (144p), Medium (360p), High (720p), and Full HD (1080p) according to internet data or Wi-Fi. If you download the video in higher quality, then your internet data will be consumed more. Once downloaded, you can play YouTube videos anywhere without internet data.

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