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Tech Tips: If you are troubled by AI generated search results in Google Search, then try this trick..

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In the last few months, AI has affected every sector. In such a situation, you will find the use of AI from search to writing. Even if you check something in Google Search, then AI-generated content also comes up in it. However, this is happening due to the recently introduced AI Overview feature.

This feature was recently added to the search engine during Google I/O 2024. It gives generative AI-powered results to the user. If you are upset with its results, then there is a way, by which you can get rid of AI-generated results.

How to remove AI Overview result?
To remove AI overview from search results, you just have to follow our method.

For this, tap on the 'Web' filter which appears along with 'Image', 'Video', and 'News' filters. By doing this Google will be forced to remove ads, AI, and other things and will only show text-based links.

Desktop users may need to click on the 'More' button to show the web filter, but mobile users will not need to do so.

Also, if you get tired of selecting the 'Web' filter every time you search for something on Google, you can customize your browser settings.

Customizing browser settings?
By customizing your browser settings, the address bar will automatically open the 'Web' filter, but to do this, you have to create a custom site search shortcut in your browser and make it the default option for all your searches.

First, open your favorite browser.

After this, go to the Search Engine section from the browser settings.

Now choose the option to create a new search engine shortcut.

Here in the Name field, enter the name you want and in the Shortcut field, use a simple name like 'og' (old Google).

Now in the last field, type “” and hit the Save button.

If you want to search for something, type in your address bar followed by your search query and Google Search will automatically use the new ‘Web’ filter.

What is AI Overview?
During its latest event, Google introduced a new feature called ‘AI Overview’, which presents a Gemini-powered overview of the topic you are searching for.

However, there are many people who do not want to see AI-generated answers at the top of their search results. In such a situation, you can overcome this problem through some settings.

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