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Tech Tips: There will be no spyware in the laptop, keep your valuable data safe in this way..

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Nowadays many people use laptops for work. Many people have to face some problems during work. We are talking about the problems faced by laptops. Yes, it is often seen that a virus or spyware enters the laptop system. After this, many types of problems start happening in the laptop. The performance of the laptop becomes very slow and many times the laptop becomes a victim of hacking. In such a situation, know further how you can avoid this problem.

The software will solve the problem
To identify and remove any spyware from the laptop, first of all, you have to install some anti-spyware software. After downloading anti-spyware software on the laptop, scan the laptop. After this, if any spyware is found in the laptop, the software will automatically delete it.

Use antivirus
Microsoft Defender Antivirus can remove malware from laptops. This anti-virus can be used in laptops with Windows 10 and 11.
To use Microsoft Defender Antivirus, first open Windows Security Settings.
After this select Virus and Thread Protection, then click on the Scan option.
Then select the option of Microsoft Defender Antivirus Offline and scan the file.
It will take a few minutes after the Microsoft Defender Antivirus scan starts in offline mode.
Restart the laptop when the software completes its scan.

View scan results like this
At the same time, if you want to see the result of the antivirus scan on your laptop, then first go to Windows Security Settings.
After this click on Virus and Thread Protection and click on Protection History.
If any kind of malware is found in the laptop, Microsoft Defender Antivirus will automatically identify and delete it in offline mode.
In this way the result of the scan can be easily seen.

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