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Tech Tips: Be it an iPhone or Android smartphone, keep these things in mind before installing the app..

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You need to be especially careful while downloading iPhone or Android smartphone apps. Apple and Google do not guarantee 100 percent safety of the apps on their platforms.

If you are not careful about the apps installed on your smartphone, they may steal your personal information and reduce your bank balance to zero. Today we will tell you some methods with the help of which you will be able to identify scam apps.

How to Identify Scam Apps?

Check Permission List: Users can check the permission list of any app from Apple and Google App Store. With this, users can find out what data an app is accessing from their smartphone. If any app is accessing any data from your phone without any use then close it immediately.

Investigate the app: If you are using any app for payment, then keep tracking the transactions done through it from time to time. Along with this, if you use a paid subscription to any app then keep checking its transactions also.

Many times it happens that we stop using some apps but because auto-payment is on, we keep paying for them. You will avoid unnecessary expenses when you keep tracking transactions.

Along with this, some apps offer free trial initially. Later the apps start deducting subscription fees from the users. Uninstall such apps also from the phone.

Trusting reviews will prove costly: Do not blindly trust app reviews. Reviews of apps on the App Store can also be fake. Along with this, scammers keep their app at the top position by giving fake ratings. In such a situation, you should be careful while installing the app.

Keep distance from fake apps: Scammers have listed fake apps on Google and Apple's app stores. In such a situation, before downloading the app, check their logo and font carefully. Also, see about App Publisher. Always make sure that you download only the official app on your phone.

Distance from third-party app stores: If you want to install an app on your phone then always install the app from the official app store. There are many third-party app stores for Android phones from where users download apps. Apple users are safe in this matter because the company does not allow downloading apps from third-party app stores. However, iPhone users in Europe have started getting app sideload support.

Follow these tips to avoid banking fraud

     Bank officials never ask customers for KYC details, OTP, debit or credit card PIN, or CVV information on the call.

     Do not give KYC details like PAN card, or date of birth to anyone on a phone call.

     Please check the authenticity of the mobile number of the incoming call related to the bank.

     Also, do not trust calls coming for mobile number change requests. Bank employees never call for mobile updates on their phones.

     Share your details only after checking the authenticity of the call or email related to the refund.

     If you are looking for the customer care or call center number of the bank, then get it from the official website of the bank only.

     Do not install third-party screen-sharing apps like Any Desk/ Team Viewer/ Quick Support in your phone.

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