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Tech Tips: To know whether putting a cover on the phone is right or wrong, you should also read this news.


When buying a new smartphone, people often also buy screen guards and back covers for security reasons. Both serve the purpose of protecting the phone, but what if we tell you that doing so puts the phone at risk? Although these accessories can protect your phone from scratches and breakage, they can also reduce its lifespan. Those who own smartphones know about the benefits of using a back cover, but here, we will discuss the drawbacks.

Disadvantages of using a back cover on your phone

The primary disadvantage of using a back cover is that it can cause your phone to overheat. Putting a thick back cover on your phone while charging can cause it to heat up quickly. Since the cover prevents heat from dissipating, the phone may experience performance issues and be prone to hanging.

Whether or not to use a back cover on your phone is a personal choice. If your phone frequently slips out of your hand then a back cover can be beneficial for you. However, it is important to remember to remove the back cover while charging the phone to avoid overheating.

If the back cover of your phone has a magnet, it may interfere with the GPS. The thicker the cover, the more likely it is that heating issues will occur.

If you are using a cover on your phone, remove it during gaming sessions or while shooting videos to avoid overheating. Choose a back cover that is soft and breathable to allow airflow and avoid heating problems.

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