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Tech Tips: These tricks will be useful in knowing the password of public Wi-Fi


Public WiFi Password Tech Tips: Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is available at many places including railway stations, parks, and hospitals, from where people can connect their phones or laptops. We tell you how you can know the password of public Wi-Fi-

Public WiFi Password Tech Tips: The Internet has become the most important thing in smartphones today. What is the use of a phone if it does not have internet? We have become so used to the internet that it is difficult for us to spend even a day without it. Nowadays, internet data available on phones has become cheaper, but it also has a limit. That's when public Wi-Fi comes in handy. Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is available from railway stations to parks or hospitals, from where people can connect their phones or laptops. Many of us do not know how to avail the free public Wi-Fi facility. So let us know how you can know the password of public Wi-Fi-

How to know Public WiFi Password

When you go to a public place, first of all, you have to open your browser. In this, you have to type WiFi Map. At the top, you will see the Wi-Fi map. You have to click on this. By doing this, all the Wi-Fi nearby will become visible to you. You can use Wi-Fi for free by clicking on it.

There is free Wi-Fi even at the railway station, but many times we do not know how to connect to it. Let us know how to use the internet for free at the station –

First of all, turn on the Wi-Fi setting on your phone and search for the network. You will see a network with the name of Railways on it. Open on a webpage in your mobile browser. After this, you have to enter your 10-digit mobile number. After this, an OTP will come to your mobile number. To connect to Railwire you have to enter OTP as a password. You will now be connected to Railwire. Now you can avail the benefits of the internet for free.

To get access to Wi-Fi, apart from the measures mentioned above, you can also download many types of apps from the Play Store-

1. Wi-Fi Password Breaker, 2. Wi-Fi Hacker Password Simulator, 3. Wi-Fi & Router Password Finder. Keep in mind that these are third-party apps and in these, the user's data is the target of hackers. In such a situation, use them with caution.

How safe is public Wi-Fi?

We can connect to public Wi-Fi when needed, but generally, it is not considered safe. The reason for this is that everyone has access to such Wi-Fi. Through this, any hacker can easily access your device and steal personal information including email, bank account details, and password credentials of social media accounts, hackers can steal through public Wi-Fi. Due to this, the virus can also enter your device. In such a situation, use public Wi-Fi wisely.

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