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Tech Tips: Stolen Device Protection feature gives iPhone perfect security, know how to use it


If you are afraid of your iPhone being stolen or lost, then with the help of the Stolen Device Protection feature, the iPhone can be protected with its data. Know further how to start this feature in the device.

You must be aware of how important smartphones have become in today's time. Humans take the help of smartphones for almost every work. In such a situation, the security of the data present in the phone becomes very important. This data includes everything from personal photos to banking details. Apple often brings new features for its users, the company has recently introduced an amazing feature. The iOS 17.3 update has a feature for the security of the phone, which users have been waiting for a long time. The name of this feature is Stolen Device Protection.

Stolen Device Protection gives protection to iPhone

The Stolen Device Protection feature provides protection against changing the Apple account and Apple passcode in case of iPhone is lost or stolen. Along with this, the security of Face ID is also provided with the help of this feature. However, with the help of this feature, the phone gets better security. Know further how this feature can be started on iPhone.

Users get a better experience

With the help of the Stolen Device Protection feature, the experience of users is better than before. This feature can be easily turned on in the device. With the help of Face ID and Touch ID, no unknown person will be able to harm the iPhone. In this feature, the user can also use biometric authentication. Let us know how to turn on the Stolen Device Protection feature on your iPhone.

How to turn on Stolen Device Protection

It is very easy to turn on the Stolen Device Protection feature on iPhone. First of all, go to the phone settings.

After this, click on Face ID and Passcode. Then enter your passcode. If you have an old iPhone, then first click on the Home button, then follow the same process further.

Then come down on the screen and look for the Stolen Device Protection feature. If you do not see the Stolen Device Protection feature, then you do not need to panic. In such a situation, you will have to first set up Face ID and Touch ID.

After this, you can use this feature. With the help of this feature, the iPhone gets great security and no one can harm the iPhone.

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