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Tech Tips: Find out if an app is fake or not..

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Nowadays, cases of scams through fake apps are increasing continuously. In such a situation, it is important to be cautious about fake apps. You can identify these apps through these methods. First of all, check the rating of the app. Apps with less rating than required may be fake. In such a situation, one should avoid downloading apps with low ratings.

If there is a lot of difference between the icon and the app or you feel that the icon has been made in a hurry, then the app may be fake. Check the details of the app carefully and also see other apps of the developers. The possibility of mistakes in the description of professional developers is very low. Before downloading any app, the permissions asked by it should also be looked at carefully.

You can also identify fake apps from here. Any app should be downloaded only from the official app store. The risk of fake apps increases significantly when downloaded from a third party.

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