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Tech Tips: Don't worry if your data gets exhausted in a few hours, use these easy methods..

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The use of mobile data has increased rapidly across the country. At the same time, recently all the big telecom companies have increased the prices of their recharge plans. In such a situation, now users will have to pay more money than before to get a data plan. This is the reason why many people have started worrying. Know further in this news how you can use mobile data properly by keeping it in mind.

Use of WiFi
The best way to save mobile data is to use WiFi at home or office. By doing this you will be able to do all the work. Also, you will be able to avoid unnecessary use of mobile data and will be able to use the data for a long time.

Use of offline mode
Many times it happens that people keep mobile data on even without need. If you also make such a mistake, then you should avoid doing so. There are many apps or some work that can also be done in offline mode. In such a situation, unnecessary use of data can be prevented.

Download videos in low-quality
Many people do online streaming on their smartphones, such as YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Whenever you want to download a video, avoid downloading it in HD or high quality. Doing this consumes more data and as a result, mobile data gets exhausted quickly. Download any video in low quality.

Keep an eye on mobile apps.
To save mobile data, it is important to see which apps on the phone are consuming more data. For this, go to the phone settings and click on the data option. After this, you will know which app is consuming more data. In such a situation, data can be saved by using that app less.

Use data saver mode
There are many apps on the phone, which keep consuming data in the background of the phone even after not using them. In such a situation, you can stop background data use by using data saver mode. By doing this, data consumption will be reduced and data can be used for a longer time.

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