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Tech Tips: Do not make these mistakes while using the phone in summer, otherwise the battery will get damaged


During summer, you should avoid making some mistakes. This increases the battery life of the phone. By using and taking care of your phone properly, it can remain safe and effective for a long time. Today we are going to tell you about these tips.

Do not use the phone in direct sunlight: Using your phone in direct sunlight can be very harmful. With the heat of the sun, the temperature of the phone increases even faster, which can hurt the battery. Always keep your phone in a shady place.

Overcharging: Putting the phone on charge overnight is the second biggest mistake. Overcharging can heat the battery and reduce its life. The phone should be removed from charging when it is 80-90% charged.

Continuous use of heavy apps: Even if you use heavy apps continuously, it is not good for the battery. In summer, try to use light apps and do only the essential tasks while keeping your phone cool.

Multitasking: Running too many apps at the same time puts a lot of load on the phone, which makes it hot. Close unnecessary apps running in the background and avoid multitasking.

Using the phone while charging: Do not use the phone while charging. This can cause the phone to overheat. Avoid using the phone while charging and keep it in a cool place.

Using thick phone covers: In summer, using thick and padded phone covers prevents the heat from escaping. Use light and breathable covers to allow the heat to dissipate.

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