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Tech: If your phone is stolen then delete Paytm and Google Pay like this


We do all the work with our phones, so it is difficult to imagine our life without phones. Nowadays we make online payments to buy every small thing. We use UPI for payments ranging from small payments to thousands of rupees. All the data from official to unofficial is kept on our phones. But sometimes if the phone gets stolen then there is fear in the mind.

In such a situation, the question remains if you want to delete Paytm, etc. then how will your account be deleted without the phone? Today we tell you the answers to many such questions.

How to delete a Paytm account?

For this, first of all, you have to install your Paytm on some other device.

You will have to enter the username, password, and number of your old account on the second device. After this, the user will have to go to the hamburger menu. From there, the user will have to go to the profile settings and go to the “Security and Privacy” section.

After this, you will get the option of “Manage Accounts on All Devices”. From here you will have to logout your account. Let us tell you that while logging out, the system will ask you if you are sure to do so, then you have to select the Yes option.

Call this helpline number

If you are facing any problem or difficulty in completing this process, then you can get information by calling Paytm's helpline number “01204456456”. Apart from this, you can go to the Paytm website and click on the “Report a Fraud” option.

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