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Tech: Do you also have the habit of keeping money in the phone cover? So read this news


Be careful if you keep any notes or any paper on the back cover of your phone. Otherwise, you may have to face an accident. Your phone may explode. According to recent reports, cases of phone blasts are coming to light. The question arises how does the phone explode? The direct answer to this is that often phone blast occurs due to your small mistakes.

In such a situation, it is important to avoid keeping any paper or note on the phone cover. Read below to see how much risk you are putting yourself in by placing any note or paper on the back cover of your phone.

These things kept on the phone are deadly!

Many people have the habit of keeping metro cards, notes, or keys on the back cover of their phone, some consider it lucky, and some have different reasons. But this habit can put you in danger. Read below what harm it can cause and how you can avoid it.

Note or paper in the back cover causes the phone to heat up

There can be many reasons behind a phone exploding, one of which is keeping notes or paper on the back cover. Also, if the cover of the phone is thick then it can also cause problems. You must have often noticed that whenever you charge the phone, play games, or use the camera, the phone starts heating up. Behind this, there may be the presence of paper or some note on the back cover of the phone.

When you keep paper or notes on the phone cover, there is no room for air to pass through, due to which the phone get hot. Many times, keeping paper or notes on the phone cover causes problems with wireless charging.

You should keep the phone on its side while charging. If you use the phone while charging, it may get hot, which increases the possibility of an explosion.

To avoid this, keep the following things in mind

If you want to install a back cover, then keep a thin, transparent cover so that there is no problem with wireless charging. Do not place any paper or keys on the back cover.

If you are using a thick back cover in your phone then keep these things in mind. You can remove the back cover from your phone while charging, playing games, or taking photos or videos. This will not cause a heating problem

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