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Supreme Court admitted that NEET has been leaked, know what else CJI said on the issue?


33 petitions for the NEET exam are being heard in the Supreme Court today. Also, 5 petitions have been transferred from the High Courts of different states to the Supreme Court. All these 38 petitions are being heard in the court. At the same time, the lawyer of the students of Gujarat first mentioned the matter to the court. However, the CJI asked the lawyers about the matter one by one. The CJI asked which is the first petition filed in this case. On this, the petitioner gave his answer. After this, the petitioner further said that we have demanded the cancellation of the NEET exam in the petition.

The advocate of one of the petitioners said that the result was to be declared on June 14, but it was released on June 4. We are demanding the cancellation of the exam. NTA has received an mail from a private counselor institution stating that the OMR scam is happening a day before the exam, a Telegram channel has claimed to have uploaded the question paper of the NEET exam.

The advocate further said that on May 10, Bihar EOU took over the case from Bihar Police. Also mentioned some more incidents. He said that in 2021, 3 candidates got the first position, in 2022 there were 2, in 2023 there were 3 but in 24, 67 candidates got the first position.

On this, CJI asked how many out of 67 candidates got the benefit of grace marks. To this, Advocate Hooda replied that no one.

SG replied that- Wrong question paper was distributed at one center.

CJI- On what basis are you claiming re-examination?

Advocate- Everything has been said in the press note of Bihar Police. If the integrity of the exam has been compromised, if there is fraud in the system. Then there should be a re-examination. NTA has not followed the SOP. Further said that the question papers were distributed on mobile phones. Telegram, printouts were taken on May 5.. from a printer kept in a school. In the press note. Bihar EOU has talked about a group of candidates and not 2 or 3 students. Students were made to memorize the answers to the question paper, we have the video.

CJI asked when were the question papers sent to the locker.

The advocate replied that they were sent 5-6 days before the exam.

CJI- Any specific date? And when were the question papers taken out from the lockers of SBI and Canara Bank? On this, the advocate remained silent.

Then CJI asked- How were the papers sent abroad?

The advocate said- Through embassies.

CJI- How were they sent to the embassies?

Advocate- Through courier on May 5 around 10:30-11 am.

CJI- How were the papers sent abroad?

CJI- How were they sent to the embassies? Through courier or diplomatic bags?

Advocate- We will find out.

CJI- When were the question papers prepared? Please tell us the exact date. When did NTA get the question papers? When were they sent to the printing press for printing? How many days were there between printing and distribution?

CJI- We need the exact dates of each of these. If students were asked to memorize the answers then the leak would not have been widespread. If the guilty students can be identified then a re-examination can be ordered. If the leak has happened through social media.. then the leak is widespread. There are 2 things- If the sanctity of the exam has been compromised then the exam should be conducted again.

SG Mehta said this- We have examined the pattern of the 100 top-ranking students. We have analyzed that they were distributed in 95 centers in 56 cities across 18 states/UTs.

CJI said- One thing is for sure there has been a leak. Whether it is on a large scale or a small scale, we have to find out. Then SG denied the fact that there had been a leak. To this CJI asked that NTA is saying that there has been no leak.

SG- Yes

To this, CJI said- There has been a leak, that is for sure. Now we are finding out the pattern of the leak. What steps are being taken to identify the beneficiaries of the leak?

CJI- What has happened should not be denied. Are we still identifying the beneficiary students? If that is the case, then we will have to cancel the exam.

CJI- There should be a kind of multi-disciplinary committee of experts from across the country and we are dealing with the most prestigious branch of study.

SG- Whatever the court suggests.. we will assist.

CJI told NTA that you should ask the government and tell us if we can run a data analytics program through which we can find out who the beneficiaries are.

CJI said that we will hear the case on Wednesday. We will give one day to the solicitor to put all the facts together. Also, the petitioners who want a re-investigation should give written arguments of about 10 pages. A lawyer said that the CBI should also file a reply in the court. On this, the Supreme Court has asked the CBI to file a status report on the investigation done so far. Then the SG asked to hear the case on Thursday.

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