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Summer Vacation in UP School: When are summer vacations starting in UP schools? Know the date here


Summer is wreaking havoc in the states of the country, hence summer vacation is declared in schools for children.

Summer Vacation: The month of May has started, in such a situation, the thing that children wait for the most is the summer vacation in school... In childhood, you and I also used to wait for the summer to come soon. It's a holiday and we go to our relative's house to celebrate the holiday. This year the weather also seems to be turning quite harsh. News of heatwaves is coming out from many states of the country. To provide relief from this, the administration has also taken many decisions.

You will get approximately 43 days of leave

Let us tell you that in most of the states these days the temperature is being recorded around 40 degrees Celsius. Given this, summer vacation has been announced in Uttar Pradesh. According to the notice, according to the new academic calendar released on the website of the Education Department, this time there will be a long vacation of about 43 days in the schools of UP. The Education Department has also given this information on the official website.

When will summer vacations start?

According to the information received, summer vacation in all the government and private schools of Uttar Pradesh is starting from May 17 and will continue till June 30. Please be informed that holidays will start in some schools after May 17. Summer vacations will be long in the state. This time schools will remain closed for approximately 43 days. After this, all schools will open and classes will be conducted in July.

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