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Smartphone Tips: If your smartphone is getting hot in extreme heat, do not ignore it, follow these tips..

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In this scorching heat, there are frequent reports of ACs bursting and catching fire. The same is the case with smartphones. There are reports of many smartphones catching fire. Although smartphones can catch fire in any season, in this heat, special care is needed. If you also have a job outside the home and spend more time outside the home, then you have to take extra care of your smartphone. If your smartphone is getting hot again and again, then you should take some precautions. Let us know...

Close useless apps: Close the apps that you are not using. Apps running in the background can also heat the phone.

Do not use it while charging: Do not use the smartphone while charging as it can make the phone overheat.

Remove the case: If your phone is getting hot, remove the phone case so that the heat can come out.

Protect from direct sunlight: Do not keep the phone in direct sunlight, as it can increase the temperature of the phone.

Software update: Update your phone's software from time to time, as updates often contain features to improve battery and performance.

Power saving mode: Use power saving mode to reduce the phone's power consumption and prevent the phone from heating up.

Check signal strength: If your phone is having trouble finding a signal, it may be overheating. You can use airplane mode or move to a location with a better signal.

Reduce background processes: Go to Settings and turn off background processes and sync options.

Factory reset: If your phone's problem is too much, then doing a factory reset can also be a solution. This resets all the settings and data of the phone.

Seek professional help: If the problem is not solved even with the above solutions, then take the phone to the service center and get it checked.

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