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Smartphone Tips: If you want a longer battery life for your phone then change these five settings today...

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Now the batteries in smartphones are bigger than before but the problem is still the same. Even though the phone has a big battery, its life is not getting longer. Smartphones have become smarter than before and this is the reason why battery life is draining quickly. If your phone's battery is draining quickly then this news is useful for you. In this report, we will tell you some very useful tips...

High refresh rate- Nowadays smartphones are coming with high refresh rate displays due to which the battery is draining rapidly. If your phone's battery drains quickly, then go to the display settings and reduce the refresh rate. If there is no special need then keep the refresh rate at 60 Hz only.

Live Wallpaper- Due to live wallpaper, the phone's battery drains very fast. It is a wise decision to close this also.

Location- Keeping the location always on is also not good for battery life. If you love your phone's battery, turn on location only when needed.

Battery-consuming apps – Social media and GPS apps drain the battery fast. Turn off background refresh by going to the settings of these apps. Apart from this, go to battery settings and check which app is consuming more battery. Delete it or keep an eye on it.

Bluetooth- Keeping Bluetooth always on is also not a wise decision. Many people keep Bluetooth on even when they are not using earbuds or any other Bluetooth device. This habit is not good. Turn on Bluetooth only when needed.

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