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Smartphone Tips: What to do when the phone gets hot in summer? Know 5 tips to cool down..

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Summer has started showing its fierce form. In many parts of the country, the mercury has crossed 45 degrees. To escape from this terrible heat, people are resorting to various methods. In such a situation, just like humans, smartphones also become very hot in this heat. Know below how you can bring the phone back to normal when it gets hot.

Keep the phone away from the body

It is often seen that people keep their phones in their pockets during the summer season. In summer, when the human body gets hot, if the phone remains stuck to the body, then there is a possibility of the phone also getting hot. In such a situation, you should keep the phone away from your body during summer. Instead, you can keep the phone in a bag or bag.

Restart the phone

If your phone becomes too hot during summer, then you can adopt an easy method to bring it back to normal. If the phone gets hot due to heat, you can stop using the phone for a while. This will give the smartphone a break. If the phone gets too hot, you can restart the phone immediately. By doing this the phone will get a lot of benefits.

Protect from sunlight

You already know that a battery is provided in the phone. In such a situation, if direct sunlight falls on the phone, the phone may get hot. To normalize the phone, you can keep the phone in a shady place for some time.

Put on airplane mode

If you have been using your phone for a long time then the phone may get hot. Even if you are using many apps and files simultaneously, the phone can become hot. To fix the phone, you can resort to airplane mode. If you do this then the phone can be normalized in no time.

Don't make this mistake

It is often seen that people put the phone on charging with its cover on. Many times some items are kept on the phone while it is charging. In such a situation, the phone does not get proper ventilation and the phone gets hot.

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