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Smartphone Tips: Due to these mistakes of yours, your phone's battery drains quickly...

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Phones have now become a necessity for all of us. To ensure that it always runs tip-top properly, we adopt various methods. As soon as we get a new phone, everyone applies a cover to prevent scratches and a screen guard so that the display does not get damaged. But when the phone starts getting old then everyone has to face some common problems. The most common problem that people face is that there is a charging issue in the mobile phone. The phone either starts charging slowly, or the battery starts draining quickly. Most of us feel that if such a problem is occurring then it means that the phone has started getting old, and this is happening due to some problem with the phone.

But let us tell you that this does not always happen. Due to some of your bad habits, problems start arising in the phone's battery, and the battery starts draining quickly. So let us know what mistakes you should not make and keep your battery as good as new.

During summer, the phone faces the problem of overheating, and you must be aware that the battery gets heated even while charging. But if you have put a case on the phone while charging, then the heat coming out of the battery will not be able to come out because of the case. When the battery heats up, charging also stops and the battery % starts decreasing instead of increasing. Therefore, it is advisable that whenever you put the phone on charging (especially in summer), remove its case/cover.

Many times people think of putting the phone on charging only after its battery gets very low. In such a situation, it is important to know at what percentage the battery should be charged. It is said that if you start charging your phone's battery only after it reaches 10-15%, then it has a bad effect on the battery and gradually the battery becomes weak.

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