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Smartphone Storage Tips: Phone is running slowly, follow these tips for rocket-like speed..

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With time many types of problems start appearing in smartphones. Among these problems, slow running of the phone is a common problem.

If you would have noticed, you would have noticed that this kind of problem never comes with a new phone. The reason for this can be considered to be related to using smartphones.

Why does phone performance become slow?

Having too many apps, videos, photos, movies, and songs on your phone makes your device slow. Many times the storage in the phone is less than full but still neither new apps can be downloaded nor any documents or files can be added to the device.

If you are facing the problem of slow performance in your smartphone, then you can get rid of this problem by following some tips-

Follow these tips for storage

Keep essential apps

With too many apps on the phone, the performance of the device becomes slow. In such a situation, first of all, remove such apps from the phone which you hardly use.

Use cloud storage service

If you are an Android user then you can start using Google Photos. With this type of cloud storage service, you eliminate the need to keep photos and videos in the gallery.

Do not keep years-old photos and videos in the gallery on the phone, keep them in Google Photos with a Google account.

Clean cache files

If your smartphone has become slow, then cleaning the cache files of the apps can solve your problem. Cache files can be cleared in the storage section by going to the phone's settings.

Manage message box also

The problem of storage in the phone is also related to your message box. Many users do not manage the message box. The message box gets full with many messages coming in throughout the day.

In such a situation, you can keep the useful messages from the phone and delete the old messages.

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