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SIM Swap Scam: What is a SIM swap scam and how to avoid it..

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In SIM swap scams, criminals illegally take control of people's phone numbers. Criminals steal people's personal information through phishing emails, messages, and calls and claim their rights on the phone number.

Sometimes due to lack of security, the SIM is transferred to the name of another person. Sometimes some employees of the company are also involved in the scam. In the SIM swap scam, the service stops suddenly. The user is unable to make calls and messages from his phone number. In this scam, a message comes about the SIM being switched off or the SIM being changed. Also, many times information about illegal login is received in email and bank accounts.

To avoid SIM swap scams, keep different passwords on all social accounts. Do not respond to any unknown link, message, or call on the phone. Avoid clicking on any link. Turn on two-factor verification on the phone, this will prevent anyone from misusing the SIM card. If anything goes wrong, a code will come through a message. To prevent misuse of SIM, you can ask the SIM company to set a password and PIN on your account.

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