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SIM card portability rules will change from July 1, know what is the new rule


There is important news for mobile phone users. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made important changes in the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) rules. These changes will come into effect from July 1, which aims to increase the security of smartphone users. Now porting a SIM card will not be as easy, for which users will have to wait long.

Why did TRAI change the rules?

TRAI has implemented these new rules to protect the security of users and personal information. The MNP process has been made more stringent to prevent fraud and abuse. Earlier, users could easily port their mobile number from one network to another, but now they will have to go through an even stricter process.

Under the new rules, users who want to port their SIM card will first have to submit an application and then wait for a certain period. Under this new process, users will have to properly verify their identity and other information to prevent abuse.

Number porting after OTP verification

These changes have been made due to the recent increase in fraud cases where people's information was misused to port their SIM cards without their consent. As per the new rules, users will receive an OTP to verify their information, which they will use during the porting process.

Although this new method may cause some inconvenience to the users, TRAI has implemented it for their safety. Mobile users will need to be more vigilant and careful about the security of their SIM cards and personal information.

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