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Scam Alert: Government hunter on SMS scammers, this is an easy way to identify fake calls and SMS..

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The government is strict about cracking down on SMS scammers. The government has taken major action against SMS scammers and blacklisted many organizations. More than 10,000 fraudulent messages were sent to the common people by these organizations in the last three months.

Government strict about security
Keeping in mind the privacy and security of the people, the Department of Telecom (DoT) has taken this major action in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs. To do this, the help of the Sanchar Sathi initiative has also been taken. The Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center (I4C) had given information a few days ago about the misuse of eight SMS headers to send fraudulent communications to commit cybercrime.

Action on those sending fake SMS
It is worth noting that in the last three months, many people were made victims of fraud or an attempt was made to extort money from them by sending more than 10,000 messages. 8 organizations were involved in doing this, and the government has now taken action and put it on the blacklist.

In telecom language, Principal Entities refer to those organizations that make fake calls or SMS to people using SMS headers.

The organization advised us to be cautious
According to the press release, all 73 SMS headers and 1,522 SMS content templates owned by these principal organizations have also been blacklisted. DoT has taken action against these organizations and made people aware of such scams and frauds.

People have been advised by the department to stay safe from such scams. It was said that if citizens found anything suspicious, they could complain about it through the Chakshu portal. Apart from this, complaints can also be made by dialing 1909.

Also, it was said in the release that to keep yourself safe from such fake calls, you can use Do Not Disturb mode. While giving a warning, the government organization said that the use of mobile numbers for telemarketing activities is not allowed.

If someone does this, the telephone connection is disconnected on the first complaint itself. Also, he is blacklisted for two years. Such calls usually start with 180, or 140.

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