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SBI's great 400-day scheme... you will get 7.6 percent interest!


The country's largest government bank SBI has started a special FD, and the last date for investment which is 21 September 2024.

This FD scheme is offering excellent interest to general to senior citizens, whose tenure is 400 days.

This special FD was launched by SBI on 12 April 2023, which is also known as the 400-day FD or Amrit Kalash Scheme. Under this scheme, common people will get an interest of 7.10% if they keep money deposited in the FD account for 400 days. Similarly, if senior citizens invest money in this scheme, then they will be given 7.60% interest on 400-day FD. The last date of this special FD of SBI has been extended several times. Its first deadline was 23 June 2023.

Which was extended to 15th August 2023 and after this it has been extended again to 31st December 2023.

After that, it was extended again and was presented till 31 March 2024. Now this special FD of SBI has once again been extended till 21 September 2024.

Apart from this, SBI offers different interest rates for all investors under regular FD with tenure ranging from 7 days to 10 years. You can earn huge profits by investing in these different tenures. Senior citizens are given 0.5 percent more interest than the general public.

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