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SBI Update: SBI is giving a loan of Rs 1 lakh in 15 minutes, know how to apply..

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The country's largest government bank, State Bank of India (SBI) turned 70 years old today. It was established on 1 July 1955. Earlier it was known as Imperial Bank of India. On this occasion, SBI launched a new scheme related to loans for small businessmen (MSMEs). Under this scheme, you can take a loan of up to one lakh rupees in just 15 minutes.

How to get a loan of one lakh in 15 minutes
This scheme of giving loans by the State Bank is completely digital. That is, you will not need to go to the bank for this. The bank has named this scheme 'MSME Sahaj'. This is a completely digital invoice financing service. The businessman who needs a loan will have to upload the necessary documents on the bank's app YONO. The amount will come to the bank account within 15 minutes of getting the loan approval.

These documents will be required.
The bank said that this loan facility will be available to those SBI businessmen who have GST numbers. Also, they should have registered sales invoices. The bank said that the purpose of bringing this scheme is to provide financial help to those small businessmen who are not able to take their business forward due to lack of money.

These customers will get the benefit
To take advantage of this facility, the businessman should have a GST number and a sole proprietorship firm.

The businessman should have a current bank account in SBI.

Market cap is Rs 7.51 lakh crore.
SBI (SBI's latest updates) is the largest PSU bank in the country. Also, it is one of the best banks in the world. At present, it has more than 22 thousand branches and more than 60 thousand ATMs across the country. It has about 45 thousand customers. The market cap of this bank is Rs 7.51 lakh crore. The bank is listed in the stock market. Currently, the price of one of its shares is Rs 842.80. Its shares have given a return of around 128 percent in the last 5 years.

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