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SBI Update: SBI issues an alert for its 50 crore customers, after this the bank will not be responsible..

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SBI Alert: The country's largest bank SBI has issued an important alert for its 50 crore account holders. The bank said that many customers are getting fake messages about account closure. No such message has been sent by SBI. All customers should be cautious of these fake messages and not respond to them. Such messages are being sent by fraudsters. You may be cheated if you answer.

Messages of account closure are coming-

It is written in these messages that dear SBI account holder, your account will be blocked today. Please click on the link sent to update your PAN Card number. The bank has alerted customers not to respond to any email or message sent to share banking details. If you receive such a message, immediately report it to ''.

According to SBI guidelines, do not give the account number, password, PIN, or CVV number to anyone. Immediately complain against anyone asking for such information while updating the information, activating the account, calling, or on the website. The bank said that you can also call the cyber crime helpline number 1930. You can also complain on their website

This is how you can get full money in case of fraud-

Most people do nothing when banking fraud occurs. In such cases, the police also show reluctance. But, by taking immediate action you can get the entire money back. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), you can avoid losses by giving timely information about cyber fraud to your bank. Banks take insurance policies for cyber fraud. The bank informs the insurance company about the fraud that happened to you. After the paperwork, the bank will take money from the insurance company and compensate for your loss.

If information is not given within 3 days, there will be a loss-

The most important thing is that you have to inform the bank about the fraud within 3 days. If you delay this, it may be difficult to compensate for the loss. According to RBI, if information is given within the stipulated time, the amount will be returned within 10 days. If the fraud is reported after 4 to 7 days, then the customer will have to bear a loss of up to Rs 25 thousand.

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