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Saving Scheme: Invest Rs 250 every day in this scheme of post office, you will earn lakhs of rupees in so many years.


Saving Scheme: Everyone wants to invest in such schemes. Where their money is safe and they can get guaranteed returns. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about such a saving scheme of the post office. By investing Rs 250 every day, you will earn lakhs of rupees in so many years. Let us know about this scheme-

Especially this post office scheme is available in all the banks along with the post offices. Under this scheme you can get a minimum of Rs. 500 should be invested. In this, 7.1 percent interest is given on investment.

The maximum annual limit for this government scheme is Rs 1.5 lakh. You can get tax exemption from this PPF scheme. In this background, how to earn Rs 24 lakh in the PPF scheme with a daily investment of Rs 250? let's find out.

If you want to get Rs 24 lakh, then you will have to invest Rs 250 every day in the savings scheme. That means you will have to invest Rs 7,500 every month for 15 years. But if you start investing at the age of 25 then this scheme is a 15-year scheme.

In such a situation, you can invest Rs 20 thousand till the age of 40 years. Rs 13,50,000 will be invested. If you get a return of 7.1 percent on this scheme, then you will get an interest of Rs 25 thousand. 10,90,926 and the total maturity amount is Rs. Will be 24,40,926.

There is no tax on investing in the PPF scheme

PPF EEE Category Applicable Scheme – Customers investing through this scheme do not have to pay tax on the amount deposited in it. It is completely tax-free. In this way, you can save tax on investments, returns, and maturity amounts.

PPF customers get a loan facility

PPF customers also get loan facilities. You will get the loan on the basis of the amount deposited in your PPF account. This loan is cheaper than unsecured loan.

According to the rules, the interest rate available on PPF loan is only 1 percent more than the interest rates available on PPF account. This means that if you earn 7.1 percent interest on a PPF account, you will pay only 8.1 percent interest on your loan.

Other schemes

Another good scheme of the post office is MIS. Single and joint account facility is available in this government scheme. A maximum of Rs 9 lakh can be invested in one account.

But a maximum of Rs 15 lakh can be deposited in a joint account. In this your deposit amount is completely safe. Besides, you can also get interest every month.

At present the post office gives 7.4 percent interest on this scheme. You can earn Rs 9,250 every month through joint account. In this scheme you can deposit money for a maximum of five years.

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