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Saving Account Tips: How many bank accounts can a person open, know the rules of RBI..

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a bank account. To avail of the benefits of many schemes of the Central and State Governments, it is necessary to have a bank account. Bank accounts can also be opened for children. But do you know how many bank accounts can be opened in your name? RBI has recently issued an alert. In which it is told how many bank accounts a person can have in his name.

Open a bank account as per your needs

People have the option to open a bank account as per their needs. Which includes a current account, salary account, joint account, or savings account. Talking about the primary bank account is a savings account. Which most of the people get opened. Because of this you also get interest on the deposited amount. People who have more transactions choose the option of the current account. In which mostly business people are involved. The salary account is for salaried people. In which you do not need to maintain a minimum balance. This is a zero-balance account. You can open a joint account with someone else like your spouse or your child or parents.

Who can open how many accounts?

There is no fixed number of bank accounts a person can open in India. There is no fixed limit for this. Any person can open any number of bank accounts as per his wish and needs. RBI has not set any limit. The more bank accounts you open, the more you have to take care of them. Like, you have to manage all the accounts according to which option you choose. If you want, you can open savings or other accounts with different banks. But for this, you will have to follow all the rules of banking.

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