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RTI Portal Tips- Is the RTI portal not working, then get answers to your questions like this


There was a time when we could not get any information from the government or government offices or say that we were not able to get answers to our questions, but when the Right to Information came under we can get any kind of information from any government department, RTI is a powerful tool to get information from government departments, ensure transparency and deal with corruption. But even today many people do not know how to use it, today through this article we will tell you about its use and rights-

Understanding RTI:

RTI means the Right to Information, which gives citizens the right to seek information from government departments. The RTI Act gives citizens the right to inquire about various government activities, expenditures, and decisions.

The objective of RTI:

RTI serves as a tool to promote transparency and accountability within government institutions. It allows citizens to monitor government functions, prevent corruption, and ensure efficient use of public resources.

Appeal Process:

If there is no response to the RTI application within 30 days, or there is no access to the RTI portal, citizens can file a complaint through the RTI mail.

If dissatisfaction persists, citizens can appeal to the First Appellate Officer by paying a fee of Rs 50.

The first appeal is made when the PIO fails to respond, provides vague or incorrect information, or if the response is unsatisfactory.

The PIO must respond to the first appeal within 30 days and if there is no response, the applicant can proceed with further appeals.

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